TEW wants to share resources that help you create efficiently using tools that will help you brand simply yet beautifully.  Some things we will share will be affiliate links, but we don’t recommend anything we don’t use and love. These apps and websites you can start utilizing in your business and make life easier!

Let’s dive in!



This website is a great tool to create anything from a social media post to business cards and menus!  Canva is free but there are some graphics that if you decide to use them they will charge you $1.00.  These graphics will be plainly marked so you will know before choosing them if they are free or not.  Canva also has an app for your phone!  Branding your business with Canva is super easy!



This is a photo editing website that has a basic plan that is free.  I have used PicMonkey for several years and upgraded to the yearly plan which for me is $33 yearly.  I upgraded because there were several fonts that I wanted to use that required the membership.  I discovered Canva.com after PicMonkey and use it more now but still like using PicMonkey for some of my editing.  They also have an app you can use on your smart phone.



Using photos on the world wide web can get you into copyright infringement problems real quick!  Pexels.com is one of 2 websites I pick up some great royalty FREE photos!  No need to pay a fee with these and there a TON to choose from.



Pixabay.com is the other site that I can pick royalty FREE photos from.  I have found many of the same photos on both websites but no worries I am sure you can find something between these two great sites.  Pixabay.com also has an app, which I love since I use my photo to create just as much as my computer!


Auto-schedulers for Instagram

Each of these have their own pros and cons.  I have personally used Buffer for my personal page and Hootsuite for business clients that I have managed their business social media accounts.  The others listed I have no experience with, so do your homework and see which is the right fit for your business needs.


  • I personally use Plann and have loved it.  They should be launching a desktop version soon.  You can manage your posts, see them on a grid just like you would in Instagram and much more.  Be sure to check them out!


Zoho Social







You can use many of the schedulers mentioned for Instagram for FB as well.  **Although I believe they recently just stopped for personal page usage.**

If you have a Business page, the best way to schedule is through their own scheduler.  You can schedule up to 6 months out and as many posts as you want.  There is no fee for this scheduler which is great if you are not wanting to spend money! ;-).

They also provide analytics for your posts which will become very valuable when thinking about creating Facebook ads.

If you only have a personal page then I would recommend Buffer (free version).  You can schedule up to 10 posts at a time and also add 2 other social media accounts to post to.  I have used Buffer for my personal page in the past and it can be helpful.

** Please Note:

There has been many discussions on where or not FB holds back organic reach when using schedulers.  If using for your business page, simply keep an eye on your analytics and see how your scheduled posts are doing as opposed to non-scheduled posts.

Be sure your content is not just good but great!  Ask engaging questions that will pull your followers in to participate with your posts.  Make them feel like they are participating within the page not just reading the post.

Go LIVE!!  Video is still KING, so be sure to utilize this feature.  If LIVE is too much at this point, at least try to record a video and post that.



Great place to pick up fonts, templates, graphics and themes.  Some are paid and some are FREE.  Great place to get your “branding” started!



Email marketing made easy!  I have used many CRM’s in the past and I have found this one to be the most user friendly!  Has autoresponder capability, campaign creation and of course customer lists.  I have several websites so this CRM is great for me and juggling each websites customers all in one place.



Another CRM to manage your subscribers and email campaigns.  You can have up to 2,000 subscribers with no monthly fee.  I have used this one in the past….I didn’t like it very much but I know a lot of people that just love it and it is definitely cost effect for a new or small business.



Video edited app that you can use either on iOS or Android.  There is a fee with this app.  Great for editing video taken on your phone.


If you have an iPhone then you are in luck!  You have a fantastic source to edit your videos with within your own phone.  Are you like me and not really sure how to edit?  There are a good many videos on YouTube that can show you how.  One of my favorite people to learn this type of stuff from is Sunny Lenarduzzi.

Another great source would be Sean Cannel, from Think Media.  He talks all about what software you can use and is highly knowledgeable !!