Your Dream Needs a Plan…..

As an Entrepreneuress,  you have a big dream but scheduling time to work on that dream can be such a struggle!  This is especially true if you are juggling  a full time job, family (remember stay at home mom IS a full time job!) and trying to start or work on your dream side-hustle.  We want it ALL…RIGHT??  We all have the same 24 hrs. in each day so how can we fit in everything in that we want and get it all done?

As mentioned in our previous post, The Importance of the Goal, the most important thing is your “WHY” and your written GOALS!  But after you have written those down…then what?   You can have it all and achieve more but first it will take a little organization, a positive attitude, and a little creativity! You will NEED a Plan!

My first recommendation

You need a good Planner/Calendar to stay on track!  I love technology and use a computer, Ipad, Iphone and all the techie tools to work my business…but when it comes to my everyday Things to Do List, Goals and Calendar, I need it to be on paper and something I can see at a glance!  For me, I find the best planner to have is one that has a ‘month at a glance’ as well as a ‘daily page’ to break it all down 🙂

There are so many great planners on the market, but the one I use and can’t live without is the Day Designer

A Dream needs a plan


The Day Designer gives me plenty of room to break down my Things to do List into sections for each category or Business I want to work. It keeps me organized and I love being able to check things off my list.  At the top of the page it has “TOP THREE”, that will be your FOCUS that day.  By writing these down, you will be surprised at how much you will be able to get accomplished.

         This planner isn’t magic, and it can’t live your life for you. But it can, through a simple, guided framework, help you figure out a focus for intentional living. It can be a trusted tool for setting goals, creating a plan and taking action each and every day.    Whitney English

First look at your everyday schedule

Write down the appointments and activities that HAVE to be on your calendar and BLOCK those times. (EX: If you work out side of the home and you have to be at work at 9:00 and you get home at 6:00. That isn’t changing right now so you need to put that on your calendar) .

Fill in your times for Dinner (there is even a place for that!) and any activities you have during the week for socials, kids activities etc.

Next Block times to work your Business

Don’t wait to work on your business with the time you have left over…You will NEVER find the Time.  Make it a PRIORITY to schedule the time!  It may seem like there are no more hours in the day but if it is important to you …you will  find the time. Start out with only a 15-30 minute block of time that can be devoted to your business but that’s enough to get started!  Getting up a few minutes early or staying up a few minutes after everyone goes to bed may be needed at first. It is your DREAM…you will have to get creative to make it happen.

I am much more productive when I break down my pockets of time in smaller increments. Take a creative break and get back to it! Always remember that your business will grow in direct proportion to the amount of time you put into your business.  You can grow your Biz slowly and gradually if needed but keep pushing to add more time so you can realize your dream faster!

By placing everything on your calendar, you can see what time you have more of.   You will gradually discover small pockets of time not being utilized that you can squeeze in to work on that dream of yours!

Each evening take 5-10 minutes

1. Create your TO DO List for the next day

2. Look over your calendar & appointments

3. Familiarize yourself on the next days activities.

On Sunday evenings take 15-20 minutes and do the same thing but for your entire week. When you familiarize yourself for what you have the following day you know what is happening and when to begin. It will help to know what is going on without wasting time the next day to figure it out!  Remember that you need to be flexible.  There are things that will need to be added to your calendar that you are not aware of.  Don’t get frustrated, you can adjust if needed.  Just be aware if you delete the time for your business, you will need to add it back in another time slot.

Another thing definitely worth mentioning while blocking time for your business is “NO” is an acceptable answer!  Learn to keep your eye on the prize.  You do not have to do everything that someone wants you to do.  Just ask yourself  “Is this relevant to my business?”   “Will it take your biz to the next level?” “Do you actually want to do it?”  Your time is limited and very special. Do not feel guilty or pressured if you have to say no.  This is your Dream! Make time and PLAN  for it 🙂

Are you currently using a planner?  If so, do you have a favorite?  Leave a comment below letting us know what you use and how it has helped you reach your goals.  We look forward to hearing from you!

Until next week, keep dreaming, planning and winning!









Suzy is a entrepreneur who loves to support and empower other business women through coaching and teaching. She loves to find ways to encourage and support women to start their own business and build more financial freedom.

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