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Ever wanted a different or creative side hustle?  Today I am spotlighting an entrepreneur who inspires others to be creative.  She saw an opportunity to create and fill a need while providing an income for her family. 

I am always amazed and quite frankly inspired by people who can create a side hustle that works for them and their family.  Some entrepreneurs stories speak to me more than others.  So was the case this past week when I was listening to Side Hustle Nation.  Nick Loper, the host of SHN, was interviewing May, the owner of Creative KIdz Crafts.

creative side hustle


As with many Moms out there today, May wanted to bring money into the overall household income but she also wanted to be there for her son, as he was young and just starting school.

Her ingenious solution took care of both her desire for finance/work freedom but also her longing to be there for her son.  It all began with her son’s love of craft time!  

Crafting for Kids

May knew of after school enrichment programs, but there were not any that offered craft time for kids.   She decided she would pursue creating one.  Did she have expertise in art?  No, but that didn’t stop her!   To be exact, she utilized Pinterest as a source for craft ideas for her classes.

In the episode, 289: After School Programs: How to Make $200 an Hour Playing with Kids May explains how she did it.  She talked about what she had to do to get her business set up.  How she determined pricing of classes and also how she promoted what she was offering.  She has been able to grow her side hustle from 1 class a week to having multiple classes throughout the school district Monday through Friday!

The classes were in 8 week segments and her income was around $12,000.  There are many variables to the money she is making that could very well be different for you, location being one of them.  Other variables could be what classes you are offering, what other competition exists, and how many students you decide to have per class.  

The beauty of this business:

  • Flexibility – you can offer only one school one day a week for 8 weeks, or multiple schools and have your week full
  • Growth –  expansion to birthdays, summer camps and so on.  
  • Course Ideas – math, music, dance, drama, foreign language, sewing, home economics and so on.  

Do you have education or experience in something that could be taught?  Something that would be fun and could add value to a child’s overall educational experience?  If so, then this side hustle could be exactly what you are looking for.

Do your homework

Be sure to listen to the podcast, take good notes of what May did to prep for this new career and then do your homework.  

What are the requirements in the state and county you live in?  

Does your idea require a lot of overhead?  What is that overhead?

Are there other companies doing the exact class you are wanting to offer?  If so, how will you be different?

Can you make this class fun and educational for the kids?  What age group will you want to offer your class to?

This side hustle may not be what you are looking for but I hope that it at least gives you some ideas of creating something of your own that can utilize your talents, knowledge and or passions.

Keep your ears open to opportunities

In today’s world there are many opportunities for you to have a creative side hustle!  It is just a matter of looking at today’s job opportunities differently.

For instance, do you have a bachelor’s degree and some teaching experience?  Are you wanting a different option other than teaching in a school?  Maybe teaching English online would be a good fit for you.  There is a big demand and some pretty good money to be made in this niche.

Are you looking to be able to work when is convenient for you?  How about considering Uber or Lyft?  Do you have a good driving record, and a vehicle that fits within their requirements?  Enjoy meeting new people?  This may be a great way to work for yourself on your own terms!  Bonus, you get paid quick as well!

Creative side hustle - Uber

Get your creative juices flowing!

Your creative side hustle could be as easy as making things to sell.  Do you enjoy making things?  Why not turn that creativity and passion into some money for yourself??  You can sell your goods through a Shopify website or through Etsy.  You could go as simple as having a FaceBook group and selling on there, although I would advise you have a website as well to direct people to.

Do you have skills in organizing and planning?  Maybe you should be an events planner?  This could be for weddings, parties, birthdays and so forth.  There are people out there that do not have the time or creativity to do their own event and you could fill that need for them.

Do you have knowledge in a specific field that you could teach someone else?  What about creating a course to teach and sell to others?  Keep in mind this is not limited to what you have a degree in!  This is a really open field and if you have a specific niche you have a specialty in, even better!    Several years ago I stumbled across an online course on how to groom dogs.  It was something I wanted to learn, so I purchased the course.  I would have never though you could teach that online!

Have something to say?

A creative side hustle can be as easy as your love of talking!  Love to talk about something you have a passion for?  Maybe you should create a YouTube channel!  Once again, I would niche down and really study up on what it takes to generate an income from having a channel.  It can be lucrative when done right.

Already have a website, or blog and have a nice following?  Maybe podcasting is your next way to grow your business.  Once again, research and maybe even take a course on podcasting.  The more you know the better you can effectively approach creating an income from this platform.

Do you have a blog?  Are you looking to create an income from that blog?  Affiliate Marketing is a great way to do this.  Pat Flynn, with Smart Passive Income has a great site and he speaks a lot on how he was able to create a very healthy income from affiliate marketing.

creative side hustle podcasting

No more excuses

In today’s economy, there really is no excuse for why you couldn’t have a creative side hustle!  The opportunity is greater now than ever before.  It will take work, consistency and creativity to stand out but the payoff can be very rewarding.

We really hope that you are inspired and motivated to get started on your side hustle today!  We would love to hear from you….do you currently have a side hustle?  If so, be sure to share with us by posting in the comment section below!

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