5 Apps You will love creating with!!

Here are our top 5 apps for creating way cool graphics without shelling out a lot of money!

So let’s not waste any time and start with my newest fav!!

adobe-sparkAdobe Spark

<3 this app for your smart phone but as an added bonus, it also has a desktop version!!  I tend to create “on the run” lol and Suzy  likes to create on her computer, so Adobe Spark is great for us both!!  Adobe Spark allows you to create videos, branded stories (a paid feature), presentations, invitations, school projects and way more!

They have “Inspiration” stock to choose from  but once you select something, you  can tweak from and make it your own.  I have made several for Instagram, Facebook and for our website.  Below is a collage I literally threw together within 5 minutes.

It is not a beauty but it was simple to do.  The ease of use for this is amazing and the possibilities are endless.  This app is FREE unless you are looking to create branded graphics.

Top 5 Apps Adobe Spark


 Font candy logoFont Candy Typography Photo Editor –

This FREE app is strictly for your smart phone, no desktop version.  It allows you to use pictures from your camera roll and add text to them.  It also has an “inspiration” area where you can pick photos they have to select from and put text on those as well.

They have many different fonts to choose from.  It also allows you to fade your font color which is great when you want to watermark your graphics.  You can also have the words fad in and out like a video.  Easy to use and you can save to your phone or post to one of your social media accounts.  Below is a pic I made with the Font Candy App.  (You will see that I created a watermark at the bottom left corner.)

Font Candy


snapseed logo

Snapseed –

I found out about this app a few years ago from a friend of mine.  I would see her pics and loved how she edited them.  At the time I was just using whatever photo editor that came with my smart phone and couldn’t create anything like her stuff.  So one day I asked what she used and it was Snapseed!

I have been using this FREE app ever since and just LOVE it!  Super easy and makes my photos look amazing.  The versatility is crazy and honestly, I am shocked it is a free app.  I would definitely pay for this one!!

*Tip:  ALWAYS edit your photos before posting on social media.  Your photos make a good or bad first impression and you don’t want them to look subpar.**

Below is a pic I edited with Snapseed: the original was beautiful but with Snapseed I was able to enhance the colors and make things pop even more.

Sunset on Veterans


word swag logoWord Swag –

This is the one app that I have paid for and I think it was $4.99 at the time I purchased it.  So it is not way expensive and honestly I use a lot of the above mentioned apps way more now than this one.

I have had this for a while and it is still good for something quick.  It allows you to use a photo off your smart phone camera or photos they have to choose from, which are a good many.  The photos they have are from Pixabay, a company that allows you to use royalty free photography. Their photos are always of great quality.  Below is a graphic a created using Word Swag:

Word swag photo pic


canva-logoCanva –

Last but not least on our list of 5 apps you will love to create with is Canva!   Suzy and I both use and love this one.  It can be used on your smart phone but we both prefer to create using it on our desktops.  There is a great FREE version but there is also a paid version.

There are some templates that will cost you a $1.00 to use and we have even seen some that were $10.00 to use.  They are posted so just choose and look in the bottom right corner as to the cost, if any.

They have templates for all kinds of social media which takes the guess work out and makes the creation process a lot less daunting.  I have created postcards, Facebook cover photos and even an old YouTube channel header using Canva.  You can literally loose track of time in Canva there is so much you can do with it!

The graphic below was created by Suzy using Canva:



Hope you enjoyed our Top 5 Apps and start creating some cool stuff today.  Do you have an app that you just simply can’t live without??  Post below!  We are always looking for new, cool stuff and love passing along to our tribe of readers.


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Have an amazing week!

Lisa & Suzy


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