Why Instagram?

We know some of you may be wondering why Instagram?  Why should you be looking to Instagram for your business??  We can talk all day about how much we love Instagram but first let’s talk numbers!

Did you know that Instagram has 800 MILLION active users??  Also did you know that 500 MILLION people actively use IG on a daily basis?  72% of users admit purchasing products through the IG platform!!

So now do we have your attention??  We thought so!  😉


Instagram is not just a place to post pics of your kids, your adorable puppy and the places you are globetrotting around the world to see.  IG is also a place for businesses to be not only seen but to build a strong following through.  You can create a connection through pictures and content that will have people coming back to your page often to see what you have posted next.

Now with the numbers we shared above you may think that your business may not be found through IG.  On the contrary!  When you learn how to use IG effectively, your business can have great success!

Oh Hashtags!

Many of you probably think that hashtags are annoying and play a very little role in the IG platform but you would be misguided in this thinking.  They play a huge role in how people can and will find you!  Hashtags are like a search engine and the possible ways that people can find you are vast.

Choosing hashtags will take some research and work on your part but once you start to implement hashtags into your posts, you will see a difference in engagement.

Instagram Stories

Want a fun and creative way to connect you, your business and products with your ideal audience?  Instagram Stories is perfect for that!  Remember the stats we mentioned above?  72% of users admit to purchasing through the IG platform?? What a great way to help your ideal customers to see what you have to offer.

Show them the ‘Behind the scenes’ of you and your company. They can get to know your staff on a first name basis! They will know you dogs name and can’t wait for you to showcase his latest caper!   The ideas are massive and the connection you can create will be just what your business needs!

IG recently rolled out the option to add music to your IG story!  This has been super fun and just another way for you to be creative with your stories.  Also, don’t forget the IG LIVE feature!  We think this feature would be great to use for a Q & A session with your audience.


IG is different than Facebook or Twitter in that it started out as an app based platform.  It has a clean, uncluttered look and perfect for mobile users.

Noteworthy Fact:  90% of time spent by mobile users is on apps

Mobile users like the ease of use with IG.  Instagram provides users a stress-free experince which means they are staying on longer. You can use IG on desktop but the experience is best through the app on your mobile device.  Take advantage of this by learning how to provide what your ideal client wants to see.  Connect with them, talk to them, learn from them!


We have been learning from our competitors and also finding ways to collaborate with them as well.  Learn from what they are doing.  What are the things that stand out to you about their page?  Color schemes, content, hashtags, how they converse with their audience, the list goes on.  You want to be yourself not them but you can glean valuable information on how you could improve your page and in turn grow your audience and engagement.

Now are you ready to take Instagram seriously for business?

We sure hope so!  Want to learn more about how to create, connect and build a strong IG page?

Be sure to sign up for your notification of our upcoming IG class that will teach you all of this and more!  Email us at info@theentrepreneuresswithin.com and be sure to mention you want to be notified when the class is ready.  (Please know that unless you state otherwise, you will be added to our client email list and may receive emails in the future about other classes we have coming up. Please visit our Policy page for more info pertaining to this.)

We are so excited about this class and so far our local students have loved it as well!

Until next week,

“Dream Big, Work Hard, Stay Focused and Surround yourself with good people!! ”  <3

Lisa & Suzy




Suzy is a entrepreneur who loves to support and empower other business women through coaching and teaching. She loves to find ways to encourage and support women to start their own business and build more financial freedom.

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