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3 Tips to better engagment with your customers on Facebook:  In January of this year Marc Zukerberg announced that Fb would be making algorithm changes again.  Not really shocking but these changes are geared toward promoting more friends and family conversations in the feed and less business type posts…..and this directly affects business pages.

Do you currently have a business page on Facebook?  Are you noticing that your traffic (amount of views per post) and engagement has become less and less?  We certainly did!  The more people that we speak to on this, the more we find out that we are not alone in this struggle.


Today we want to share with you ways to become more engaging with your audience.

  1. Go LIVE more on your Facebook pages ( business and personal ). Business page should be mostly you going LIVE providing value!

** Keep in mind that promoting business on your personal page is a big “no-no” in Facebook, so on your personal page keep things light, fun and authentic. Stay away from polarizing topics (religion, politics and what color the sky is LOL).

Going LIVE on a business page at least once a week will definitely help a lot.  ASKING questions throughout your video and providing value content will help to create the engagement you are seeking.  Don’t for heaven’s sake always be “selling”!!   People are “sold to” everyday on Fb, so be different!

Types of content:

Fun, personal interest, community driven, benefits of a product, how a product can be used to achieve best results, interviews with other customers or friends

You may wonder why going LIVE  would help you in your business.  People do business with people they “Know, Like and Trust”.  Creating videos will help create a platform to build know, like and trust.  

Also, the more interaction you have in your videos and posts the more Facebook will circulate that post and future posts.

**  A “like” is not necessarily interaction to Facebook.**  

So try to get them talking to you. If someone “Likes” your post, reach out and ask them a question or say “Hi!” and ask them how they are doing.

  1. Post something that will almost demand engagement.  This can be something fun, entertaining, inspirational but involves them responding back.

Example:   “Post in GIF form your favorite movie and see if I can guess what it is!”   This will be fun and  time get a great response. Post your GIF first in the comments and ask them to guess what your favorite movie was.  For each person that posts a GIF, respond with your guess of what their movie was. It is fun and entertaining for everyone, very relaxed. No one is “sold” anything but you are able to raise your audience awareness in the algorithm.

  1. Use Facebook Messenger more to build relationships with clients and potential clients.

This is a very underutilized tool!  You have options of text, which everyone knows and uses but also you can leave a voice recording.  You can even dial them up and have a face to face conversation.  Of course, you would want to let them know you are calling in that way but it is a great way to get to know people, catch up with friends that you may not have talked to in a long time, etc. 

Most Important things we can advise you to do on Facebook:

*Be Yourself   

*Provide value   

*Connect on a deeper level with your clients

*Do not just copy everyone else….BE ORIGINAL

We hope you find this content valuable to you and your business!  Please be sure to leave a comment below letting us know! We love receiving feedback from our tribe of followers.  Be sure to check out our Facebook page The Entrepreneurs Within.  From our business page you can request to join our closed group where we celebrate women in business and share tools on how to market your business using social media. Hope to see you in the group soon!

We hope you never stop learning and growing your business!

Lisa  & Suzy –   TEW Founders



Suzy is a entrepreneur who loves to support and empower other business women through coaching and teaching. She loves to find ways to encourage and support women to start their own business and build more financial freedom.

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